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Richfield Landscape Contractors

Oberndorfer Professional Landscape Development in Richfield, Wisconsin

Oberndorfer has been making Richfield neighborhoods prettier since 2000. Whether it’s basic lawn care services such as flower planting, mulching or hardscaping projects like patio design or water feature installation, our team of dedicated professional landscapers know what it takes to make your dream yard blossom to fruition. As a member of the Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association, Oberndorfer strives for excellence in the landscaping community and believes in promoting growth, environmental awareness, and professionalism in the industry for the benefit of our communities. We use environmentally conscious practices to care for your lawn, trees, and other shrubbery, so your yard can flourish like it’s meant to. Make your yard, your own little slice of heaven with Oberndorfer Landscape Development.Richfield Landscaping & Hardscaping Services

We offer an array of landscaping services including but not limited to:



Patio Installation Services in Richfield

At Oberndorfer, we’ve built decks, planted beds, and installed stunning patios all over Southeastern Wisconsin, and in our experience, you don’t have to sacrifice functionality for form. We install dream patios, outdoor kitchens, walkways, and water features that are practical and perfect for your property. Transform your yard into an oasis with Oberndorfer Landscape Development.

Landscape Design Services in Richfield

Hardscaping services include but are not limited to: 


Richfield's Tree Care Company

Though they take up a lot of Southeastern Wisconsin views, trees are often overlooked. Oberndorfer Landscape is here to give your trees the TLC they need and have them blooming like never before! We offer a variety of tree care services like tree/stump removal and winter protection. Maintenence services like tree pruning or tree fertilization will go a long way towards keeping yourTree Care Services in Richfield  yard healthy and having a lush, green paradise to call your own. 

Our complete tree care services in Mequon and surrounding areas include but are not limited to:


Trenching Services in Richfield, WI

Richfield residents and property owners rely on our trenching services to enhance their landscapes and address various outdoor needs. Our services encompass a range of essential tasks, such as precision bed edging to define garden borders and create visually appealing landscapes. Additionally, our skilled professionals install underground lines for irrigation systems or discreetly hide outdoor lighting lines, ensuring a well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment.

For those concerned about erosion control, we offer specialized drainage solutions to mitigate erosion issues effectively. Digging underground is a hazardous undertaking, involving the risk of damaging existing utilities or encountering unexpected obstacles. Entrusting trenching tasks to professional landscapers with the necessary expertise and equipment is advisable to ensure safety and the successful completion of landscaping projects in Richfield, WI.

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