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Ozaukee County Tree Care Services

Oberndorfer Provides Complete Tree Care in Ozaukee County
Ozaukee County Tree Care Services

No matter the age or the size of your trees, they need consistent care for healthy growth and stability. Keep your yard beautiful and your trees flourishing with Oberndorfer’s professional tree care services. 

Our complete tree care services in Mequon and surrounding areas include:

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Landscaping Tree Service in Mequon 

Oberndorfer Landscape Development has years of experience providing exceptional tree care services to keep your trees beautiful and healthy year-round. Whether you need pruning or tree fertilization to promote healthy growth or you need complete tree and stump removal, we have you covered.

Tree Trimming Costs in Southeast Wisconsin

The most importiant factor to consider when pricing tree care service is the height of the tree(s) you wish to have pruned. Hard-to-reach trees or trees requiring extensive service will be more costly to prune than smaller, more accessible trees. The type of tree will also contribute to the cost. Fruit or flowering trees require more careful pruning than maples or oaks.  

Be the envy of your neighborhood, contact Oberndorfer today for all of your tree care needs. Our tree care professionals perform maintenance and pruning in Mequon, River Hills, Cedarburg, Menomonee Falls, Saukville, & beyond.