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Professional Landscape Management for Your Home

Oberndorfer Landscape Development provides high-quality lawn and landscape maintenance services throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Our qualified staff works tirelessly to make every aspect of your property immaculate. We perform every step from complete lawn care to tree and shrub treatments to pruning and trimming services.

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Why Choose Oberndorfer for Landscape Maintenance?

Choose Oberndorfer for unmatched quality and value in landscape maintenance. Our landscaping services are competitively priced without sacrificing quality.  Oberndorfer delivers premium workmanship without breaking the bank. We pride ourselves on delivering stunning and jaw-dropping results with our experienced team of skilled workers. Trust Oberndorfer for lasting landscaping solutions that make your outdoor space look its best, all within your budget.

Offered Landscape Maintenance Services

Lawn care services in Ozaukee County

Lawn Mowing

Experience the best in lawn care. Oberndorfer’s lawn mowing service offers a clean and sophisticated finish to your lawn and outdoor spaces. Experience the Oberndorfer difference and call for lawn mowing service today!

Bed Edging

Precise bed edging from Oberdorfer creates clean, eye-catching lines that define your garden beds and walkways, giving your property a manicured and professional appearance. With our expert care, your lawn and outdoor spaces will showcase neat edges that complement your overall landscape design. Trust Oberndorfer for a polished, inviting outdoor space.

Lawn Seeding

Ideal for new lawns or rejuvenating existing ones, lawn seeding provides a foundation for lush, green outdoor spaces. Our team uses premium, climate-adapted seeds to ensure robust growth and a vibrant appearance. Soil preparation and seeding are vital to a dense and even lawn.


Fertilizing your lawn is key to a healthy yard. Regular fertilizer applications support optimal nutrient balance, improving your lawn's resilience and beauty. Promote healthy lawn growth and vibrant color while preventing the spread of weeds with fertilization services from Oberndorfer.

Weed Control

Weeding is necessary for a pristine and healthy lawn. Stay on top of the weeds with Oberndorfer, whether you need prevention or removal. Weeds if left unattended can compete with your grass for vital nutrients and water. Trust Oberndorfer for professional weed-control solutions that maintain a weed-free and healthy lawn.

Mulch Installs

Mulching is essential for retaining soil moisture and regulating temperature. Oberndorfer installs high-quality mulch to protect your plants and beautify your landscape. We offer many natural colors and wood types to suit your home and garden’s decor.

Flower Planting

Brighten your property with beautiful flowers planted by Oberndorfer. Our selection of vibrant, healthy flowers adds color and life to your outdoor spaces. All annuals and perennials are installed with care and tailored to your preferences.

Tree Pruning

Correct intervals of tree pruning promote healthy growth and maintain the safety and aesthetics of your landscape. Oberndorfer’s team of experienced landscapers makes sure your trees are pruned correctly, taking into account the type of tree and any specific requirements you have.

Spring & Fall Cleanups

Our yearly maintenance plans include Spring and Fall cleanups. The Spring cleanup prepares your outdoor spaces for a vibrant season, including the removal of natural debris from lawns, landscape features, driveways, and specialized patio maintenance. Spring cleanups are offered yearly starting in April. Fall cleanups focus on the removal of leaves, twigs, and branches, cutting back perennials and bushes, and removing annual plants in preparation for winter.

Protect Your Landscape from Frigid Temperatures with Winter Protection

For those who want to protect their landscape from the frigid conditions of winter, we offer winter protection services. Winter protection involves protecting your landscape from windburn, rabbits, and deer. We’ll even fence off trees.

Available Landscape Management Packages

Oberndorfer Landscape Development now offers Landscape Management Packages designed to keep your landscape beautiful and cared for.  With Oberndorfer’s landscape management packages, you benefit from a consistently well-maintained yard without needing to oversee or worry about the upkeep. Our landscape management packages are below:

Landscape maintenance package: Designed to keep your lawn and outdoor spaces beautiful year-round. Includes weekly or monthly weeding, bed maintenance, and pruning. This package is ideal for homes or businesses with landscapes that require attentive and quality care to maintain their appeal and beauty.

Full-maintenance package: The full-maintenance package is designed to keep your lawn and outdoor spaces pristine and comprehensively cared for. Customizable to meet any need, Oberndorfer's full-maintenance package is the best value for unbeatable landscape management and includes:

  • Spring clean up
  • Lawn fertilization and weed control
  • Weekly mowing and trimming
  • Landscape bed maintenance and weeding
  • Pruning
  • Fall clean up

Oberndorfer delivers exceptional lawn care with a keen eye for detail, far beyond the quick, in-and-out service. Our customers trust us to keep their yards looking pristine, knowing we're on the lookout for any issues. This commitment to excellence and proactive approach has built a strong trust with our clients, ensuring their peace of mind and satisfaction.

Serving Mequon and the Surrounding Areas

At Oberndorfer, we take pride in improving the beauty and natural charm of homes across Southeastern Wisconsin, including Brookfield, Cedarburg, Grafton, North Shore, Richfield, River Hills, West Bend, Whitefish Bay, and beyond. Our team of landscaping professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional results, contact us today to learn more!