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Mulch Installation Services Mequon

Mulching Promotes Healthy Plant Growth & Adds Aesthetic Appeal

Mulch Installation Service MequonMulching is an important part of landscape maintenance. Fresh mulch is often laid each year or if new plants, trees, and gardens are planted.

"Mulch" refers to any material used to cover and protect soil. Organic mulches are a favorite among homeowners for their visual appeal. Made from bark, organic mulch will decompose over time and give back nutrients to the soil. However, it will also have to be re-mulched more frequently. Inorganic mulching material, like gravel, is a popular choice for commercial properties; because it requires less maintenance.    

Benefits of Mulching

Mulching Service in Mequon, WIAside from the clean, attractive appearance mulch gives your yard, proper mulching yields a number of other benefits too. Mulch acts as a protective layer against drastic weather changes, maintaining even soil temperatures. It also keeps soil moist, stimulating the growth of good soil microorganisms. Hindering the growth of weeds and erosion, and enriching soil with nutrients for healthier growth, your flower beds and gardens will look great all season long. A perk for homeowners and landscapers, mulching eliminates mowing around trees and other large plants too.

Mulching Service in South East Wisconsin

Hiring a landscaper to lay your mulch provides the biggest benefit of them all – ease and convenience. Our professionals will help you choose the best type of mulch for your budget and landscaping needs. We will make the entire process easy and quick, delivering and installing mulch in one visit; and eliminating any heavy lifting on your end. Make your outdoor spaces beautiful with flowers, bed edging & weed control services.

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