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Ozaukee County Tree Care Service

Tree Care Service In Ozaukee County

Tree branches can die for many reasons such as insufficient light, damage from disease or pests, or damage to the root structure. Dead or diseased tree branches are a major safety hazard to anyone in your yard or home. Oberndorfer Landscape Development’s expert tree care professionals can identify weak or broken branches and remove them safely to reduce the risk of branches falling on your house or loved ones.

Ozaukee County Tree Care Service Pruning your trees can also enhance their beauty by giving the tree shape and directing the growth. Removing excess deadwood from your trees promotes balance and makes them more pleasing to the eye. Another tree-trimming service to consider is crown lifting, which removes any branches growing or extending below a specified height. This can make it easier for you to mow the lawn and enjoy outdoor activities around your trees.

Thinning your trees is an effective way to improve their health and hardiness. Selectively removing certain branches throughout the tree’s canopy increases the amount of sunlight reaching the remaining branches and leaves. A properly thinned canopy also gives the tree more resilience in harsh weather as strong winds pass through more easily, resulting in less stress on the tree. Oberndorfer Landscape Development’s skilled tree service professionals use proven methods to safely prune branches, keeping them away from power lines or neighboring properties.

When Is The Best Time to Prune Trees

For best results, trees should have an annual pruning in the late fall or early spring. The preferred time for most tree species is in the late fall after it has entered its dormant phase.Late-summer or early-fall pruning can result in late season tree growth, which exposes the new tips of the branches to potentially lethal frost. The cost of ignoring your trees can be extremely high if neglect leads to branches falling on people or structures on or near your property.

Before you reach for a saw to do the job yourself, it’s essential to consult the tree experts at Oberndorfer Landscape Development. Done inappropriately, crown lifting can lead to stress-inducing weight displacement and reduced trunk stability. In the hands of professionals, tree pruning and tree thinning can greatly enhance the beauty and safety of your trees.

How Much Does Tree Pruning Cost?

The cost of pruning a tree fluctuates depending on the location, health, size and number of trees that require maintenance. If a tree is located next to a power line or other obstruction, more labor will be required to accomplish the job. Unstable trees with dead limbs or storm damage ar more risky to work on and will cost more to service. Arborists often charge based on the number of trees they prune, so having several trees maintained in a single session will lead to increased cost.     

Oberndorfer has been providing professional tree care services to Ozuakee County including Mequon, Cedarburg, Saukville, GlendaleRiver Hills, Menomonee Falls & beyond for over 20 years.  Contact us today to find out more about our tree thinning and pruning services!
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