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Spring And Fall Cleanup Services

For Mequon & Southeast Wisconsin Homeowners

Spring Cleanup Services MequonKeep your outdoor spaces pristine through each season with Oberndorfer’s spring and fall cleanup services. Whether it is preparing your landscape for the coming winter or readying your lawn for spring bloom, our seasonal cleanup services are entirely tailored to your landscape’s needs. Oberndorfer’s landscaping professionals perform spring and fall cleanups as part of a landscape maintenance plan.

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Why are Spring and Fall Cleanups Important?

Spring and Fall cleanups are crucial for maintaining a healthy, vibrant outdoor space throughout the year. In the spring, cleanup services remove winter debris, enabling new growth and preventing disease. Fall cleanups prepare your landscape for winter, reducing the risk of cold damage and ensuring your garden's longevity. Both services, integral to a landscaping care routine, ensure your outdoor areas remain functional and beautiful across seasons.

Why Choose Oberndorfer for Spring & Fall Cleanups?

Choose Oberndorfer for the best landscaping services in Southeastern Wisconsin. From specialized patio repairs and re-finishing to the removal of natural debris and more, our spring and fall cleanups are fully tailored to your lawn and outdoor spaces. Protect your outdoor spaces and grow your landscape into something stunning with Oberndorfer Landscape Development. Our dedication to client satisfaction makes us the reliable choice for professional, hassle-free landscaping.

Spring Cleanup Services

Spring is one of the most important times of the year for your lawn and landscape overall. Don’t let the snow melt, salt run-offs, and other natural debris ruin your lawn or outdoor spaces after the thaw. Oberndorfer tailors our spring cleanup services to your landscape’s specific needs, guaranteeing a beautiful and vibrant spring season. Our spring cleanup services are for both residential and commercial properties across Southeastern Wisconsin starting in April each season. Also available as part of our lawn maintenance packages.

Spring cleanup services may include:

  • Clearing any debris left from winter (leaves, twigs, small branches, blowing/raking, and pickup.)
  • Pruning any shrubs expected to bud in spring
  • Cutting back plants and perennials left up for winter
  • Preparing planting beds for bloom – weed treatment, fertilization, mulching, edging

Patio maintenance is offered as an additional service including pressure washing your patio, making touchups and repairs to any uneven surfaces, and a urethane sealer application.

Fall Cleanup Service MequonFall Cleanup Services

Choose Oberndorfer for fall cleanup services near Milwaukee, WI. Our fall cleanup services are tailored to your landscape and include winter protection services to protect your outdoor spaces through the winter. Available for both residential and commercial properties. Often included as part of a custom landscape maintenance package for clients looking to keep their lawns and outdoor spaces immaculate year-round.

Fall cleanup services may include:

  • Removal of leaves, twigs, small branches, etc.
  • Cutting back of perennials and bushes, removal of annual plants
  • Winter Protection services include the fencing off of trees to protect against windburn, protecting the landscape from the elements and animals like rabbits or deer, and more.

Landscape Management Packages

Oberndorfer Landscape Development now offers Landscape Management Packages designed to keep your landscape beautiful and cared for.  With Oberndorfer’s landscape management packages, you benefit from a consistently well-maintained yard without needing to oversee or worry about the upkeep. Our landscape management packages are below:

Landscape maintenance package: Designed to keep your lawn and outdoor spaces beautiful year-round. Includes weekly or monthly weeding, bed maintenance, and pruning. This package is ideal for homes or businesses with landscapes that require attentive and quality care to maintain their appeal and beauty.

Full-maintenance package: The full-maintenance package is designed to keep your lawn and outdoor spaces pristine and comprehensively cared for. Customizable to meet any need, Oberndorfer's full-maintenance package is the best value for unbeatable landscape management and includes:

  • Spring clean up
  • Lawn fertilization and weed control
  • Weekly mowing and trimming
  • Landscape bed maintenance and weeding
  • Pruning
  • Fall clean up

Oberndorfer delivers exceptional lawn care with a keen eye for detail, far beyond the quick, in-and-out service. Our customers trust us to keep their yards looking pristine, knowing we're on the lookout for any issues. This commitment to excellence and proactive approach has built a strong trust with our clients, ensuring their peace of mind and satisfaction.

Spring & Fall Cleanups For Mequon and the Surrounding Areas

Oberndorfer offers spring and fall cleanups in Mequon and surrounding areas, including Brookfield, Cedarburg, Grafton, Milwaukee, North Shore, Richfield, River Hills, West Bend, and Whitefish Bay. Contact us today to get started!