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Tree Pruning Services Mequon

Complete Tree Care In Ozaukee County

Tree Care & Pruning OzaukeeTree pruning is an essential part to any landscape maintenance plan. It’s also important to hire qualified professionals for the job, rather than doing it yourself or hiring untrained tree cutters. Not all trees are pruned the same. If a tree is pruned improperly, the risk for branches rotting, drying, and breaking is much higher. You could also stunt branch growth, resulting in a sad looking tree.

Our Mequon landscapers are highly knowledgeable and skilled in the art and science of tree pruning. We will evaluate each of your trees to determine the right type of pruning individually. With Oberndorfer’s tree pruning specialists on the job, you’re assured healthier, better looking, and safer trees. Properly pruned trees can also increase the value of your property.

It’s also important to note that tree trimming and tree pruning are entirely different actions. Tree trimming is simply cutting the branches of a tree into a specific shape and size. Pruning a tree is done explicitly to improve the health and beauty of your trees.

When Should You Cut Back Trees and Shrubs?

Complete Tree Pruning Services Mequon WIWhile most trees will be pruned in the winter – in preparation for harsh weather – some trees will also need pruning in the spring; it really depends on the types of trees growing on your property. Winter is a popular time for tree care for a number of reasons. More than any other season in Wisconsin, winter takes the largest toll on the health of a tree. Being proactive with preventative tree care and pruning services at the onset of the cold season will reduce the risk of branches breaking in storms and getting sick later in the year. When the trees have shed all their leaves in the fall, it makes it easier for our professionals to locate deadwood that needs to be pruned; looking for symptoms such as cracks in branches, fungus growth, and branch color changes.

How Much Does Tree Pruning Cost?

The cost of tree pruning will vary based on the number of trees that neeed care, the location of the job, and the size of the tree. As with other landscaping projects, the more labor that is required to compete a job, the higher the cost will be. Hazards such as power lines, storm breakage, and dead limbs will cause the price to increase due to the increased risk of injury while clinming the tree.   

Contact our Mequon landscapers for more information on tree pruning or to schedule landscape maintenance. Our team of landscape professionals has completed jobs across Ozaukee County including Mequon, Cedarburg, Menomonee falls, River Hills, Grafton, & beyond. 
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