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Mequon Winter Landscaping Tips

Improve Curb Appeal during Wisconsin's Long Winter

Winter Landscaping Tips in Southeast Wisconsin

Wisconsin's drab, white and grey winters make any landscape look dull. Adding bright lights for the Holidays makes things a bit cheerier, but those don't stay up all season long.

Many Mequon homeowners have requested tips and tricks for sprucing up their yards throughout the winter months. Fortunately, there are a few easy things you can do to bring your yard to life, even after the Christmas lights have come down.

Plant Shrubs or Bushes

Many shrubs produce berries which stick around through the fall and winter months. The berries themselves add a nice splash of color and also attract birds and other wildlife to your yard.

Many of Wisconsin's prettiest birds, including Northern Cardinals and Blue Jays stay in town all winter long.

Chokeberry, Eastern Red Cedar and Winterberry flourish in the Wisconsin climate, and produce brightly colored berries birds love. Be sure to consult with Oberndorfer's landscape professionals before choosing a specific shrub. Some can spread rather aggressively and may not fit well in your space.

Schedule a Hardscaping Project 

Winter is an excellent season to assess your hardscaping potential. Without all the flowers and other growth, you can easily see where a focal point is missing. Even a small addition, like a pergola or trellis, can make a huge difference in your landscape layout. Adding a professionally designed outdoor patio with bench seating is another way to add extra dimension to a winter yard.

Perform Flower Bed Cleanup

Instead of putting away your lovely flowerpots every winter, use them to add variety to your yard. Colorful pots and outdoor decorations can double as winter landscaping focal points. You don’t even need to buy winter plants, simply arranging evergreen boughs in your pots can add a nice splash of green to your home.

Oberndorfer Landscape development has improved the curb appeal of homes in Southeast Wisconsin for over 20 years. Our work can be seen in Cedarburg, Mequon, Menomonee Falls, River Hills, Glendale, & beyond. 

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