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Lawn Care Promising a Beautiful & Healthy Yard

Lawn Care Fertilization MequonYour lawn is the first thing a guest notices when approaching your home; and it can make a first impression that really sticks. You worked hard for your home, and you deserve that “wow” factor. Lawn fertilization can play a big factor in how lush and full your grass and trees appear. The professionals at Oberndorfer are dedicated to ensuring you have the best looking yard, trees, and plants on the block. From lawn care maintenance to landscape design, we provide the highest quality services.

Mequon Landscaping Company

When and What to Fertilize

Fertilization can be a confusing task for just about any DIYer; like people plants have nutritional needs that must be met to ensure proper growth and a long plant life. When trees and shrubs are young, and actively growing, it’s the most important time to make sure your yard is receiving good nutrients. Also just like people, trees and shrubs have different nutritional needs depending on type, age, stage of growth, time of year, climate, and if the tree or shrub has flowers. The fertilizer used for your grass can be lacking the necessary nutrients that surrounding trees and shrubs need. Our lawn care specialists make sure your landscape gets exactly what it needs when it needs it.

Professional Fertilization Services MequonBenefits: Why Should You Fertilize

The benefits of fertilization can be seen in all aspects of your yard – including the growth of your trees, the fullness of your lawn, and the vibrant colors in your plants. The nutrients in the soil beneath your grass and plants make a huge difference in outright appearance and growth. Fertilization encourages proper blooming as well as strong roots and disease resistance. 

The Fertilizing Process

The exact fertilization process necessary for each and every tree and plant in your yard can feel a bit overwhelming. What fertilizer to use, when to apply it, when to water, how much to apply, and what kind are just a few of the questions you have when it comes to proper fertilization. Our professionals make fertilizing your property a breeze. 

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