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Professional Landscaping and Erosion Control near Mequon

Landscape Contractors Maintain Ozaukee County Yards with Long-term Erosion Control

landscape and hardscape contractors protect Mequon, Cedarburg, and Ozaukee County yards with erosion control

When snow melts rapidly or heavy rains descend on Southeast Wisconsin, excess water can cause major erosion in your yard. Nutrient-rich topsoil gets swept away from your plants, pesticides and fertilizers can wind up damaging water sources and the structure of your yard can wash away. Let the landscaping professionals at Oberndorfer install durable erosion control structures to protect your yard. 

Our landscaping and hardscaping experts have experience designing, building and installing reliable erosion control structures throughout Mequon and surrounding yards in Ozaukee County. We assess the unique composition, structure and slope of your yard to determine the most effective erosion control.

Preserve and decorate your yard with long-term erosion control solutions from Oberndorfer.

Erosion control for small slopes:

  • Plants and Raingardens
  • Mulching, Bed Edging and Loose Stones

Erosion control for large slopes:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Walkways and Stairs

Contact our erosion control professionals to discuss an effective and striking solution for your yard today!


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Get Landscaping and Hardscaping Perfection from Oberndorfer

When you choose Oberndorfer, you get high-quality landscaping and hardscaping done perfectly and affordably. Our Mequon landscaping professionals ensure your installations are functional and attractive to help you make the most of your outdoor space.

We have nearly 20 years of experience designing and installing elegant additions to your yard, including: patios, water features, fire pits, lighting and more.

Our Ozaukee County landscape contractors are exact and efficient, always meeting safety requirements and completing your project within budget.

Erosion Control Cost Estimate

The price of erosion control depends on your yard and the amount of damage done. Contact Oberndorfer for a quote. We provide erosion control throughout Ozaukee County area, including:

Contact the landscape experts at Oberndorfer for more information.
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