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Maintaining Lawns and Landscapes in Mequon

Professional Landscape Management

Oberndorfer Landscape Development provides high quality lawn and landscape maintenance services throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Our highly qualified staff works tirelessly to make every aspect of your property immaculate. We perform every step from complete lawn care to tree and shrub treatments to pruning and trimming services.

Oberdorfer's professional yard and landscape maintenance services include:

Contact experienced Mequon landscapers from Oberndorfer Landscape Development for professional yard maintenance services.


Southeastern Wisconsin Lawn Care

Lawn care services in Ozaukee CountyOberndorfer Landscape Development offers comprehensive lawn care in Ozaukee County year round.

Proper lawn care is important to keep unwanted weeds and crab grass from invading your yard, and also keeps your current grass thick and green.

Our lawn care services in Mequon and surrounding areas include:

Wisconsin lawn care gets tricky, and there are many factors to keep in mind.

Let Oberndorfer Landscape Development take care of all your lawn needs. We ensure your lawn is in prime condition.

Landscape Bed Edging and Seasonal Flower Planting in Ozaukee County

Flower bed planted in MequonBed edging has many benefits for your overall landscaping. It virtually eliminates the need to constantly reshape the bed, and ensures crisp, clean lines. Edging your lawn also gives your beds an added touch of sophistication, with a wide variety of edging styles available.

Our re-mulching and bed re-edging services include:

  • Freshening up your existing landscape beds with a fresh shovel edge and adding more shredded bark
  • Creation of beds around trees and shrubs with shredded bark

Aside from the visual benefits, edging will also save you money on landscaping services in the future. After our edging services, your bed perimeter will not need to be continually spaded by hand, saving you time and money.

Our flower bed work includes:

  • Fertilization and soil additions to annual and perennial beds (spring)
  • Annual plantings are done in a two week window around Memorial Day weekend
  • Cutting back of dead plants and removal of annuals (fall)
  • Perennial installation is done throughout the planting season

Some of the most impressive flower displays come from annual flowers. Annual means these flowers complete their life-cycle in just one season, and will not return the following year. This gives you the opportunity to change up the look of your garden every spring. However, annual flowers require a lot of work to plant and properly arrange in your gardens.

Our team of Mequon landscaping experts will take care of annual flower planting, arrangement and cultivation, ensuring your garden is bright and colorful all summer long.

Wisconsin Tree and Shrub Care

Ozaukee County tree and shrub care

Trees and shrubs add an incredible amount of value to your home. Keep them healthy and looking great with Oberndorfer Landscape Development. We handle all of your Wisconsin tree care needs, from fertilization and disease prevention to pruning and winter preparation.

Our Ozaukee County shrub and tree care services include:

  • Shrub fertilization in early spring and/or during planting throughout the season
  • Shrub shearing and pruning done twice a year
  • Tree pruning, thinning, and removal (Best for tree’s health if done in the winter or early spring)
  • Stump removal and repair
  • Creating mulch rings around trees in order to protect them from lawn mower and trimmer damage

Proper tree care is essential for preventing diseases like root rot and cankers. Our experienced team of tree care experts will fertilize and prune your trees accordingly, depending on the species of tree we are treating.

Improper tree pruning can lead to irreparable damage, and can leave them exposed and more susceptible to disease. Our professional Mequon landscapers know the proper techniques for pruning trees so they don't suffer from branch breakage.

Winter preparation is an important part of keeping your trees and shrubs healthy through harsh weather conditions. Oberndorfer's professional landscapers properly prune and mulch your trees and shrubs, so they don't get damaged by the bitter Wisconsin cold.

Many people neglect their fully grown trees, assuming they are ready for the winter. However, to retain moisture in the soil and to guarantee your trees have healthy blooms come spring, it is important to lay some mulch around the base of your trees and shrubs. This acts as a blanket for the tree roots, shielding them from the cold.

Mulch Installation

Mulch installed in Mequon by landscaping professionalsOberndorfer Landscape Development will work with you to choose the best mulch for your yard. We install a wide variety of mulches for landscaping in Mequon and surrounding areas throughout Ozaukee County and Southeastern Wisconsin.

There are many different colors and wood types available to suit your home’s décor including:

  • Red
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Hemlock
  • Oak
  • Pine
  • White Cedar

Some of these woodchips can be coarse or shredded depending on the tree type and your personal preference.

Mulch is ideal for home playgrounds, gardens, flower beds, and around trees.

Spring Cleanup in Mequon and Surrounding Areas

Leaf cleanup services in Mequon

As the seasons change, so do your lawn needs. During the spring, it is important to keep your lawn clean and free of any debris. An excess of leaves, branches, or other debris buildup on your lawn can suffocate and kill the grass underneath, leaving unattractive blemishes on your lawn all summer. 

At Oberndorfer Landscape Development, we understand a full spring yard cleanup can be a very time consuming process. Let us handle it and keep your lawn looking great year-round.

Weed Control Services

Mequon Weed Removal Service

Nothing ruins the appearance of a beautiful lawn or garden like the sudden entrance of pesky weeds. Once weeds take hold, it can be very difficult to remove them completely. With Oberndorfer Landscape Development, we eradicate and prevent weeds from coming back. Your lawn and garden will look neat and well maintained.

Oberndorfer Landscape Development will restore beauty to your yard whether you want weeds removed by hand or sprayed with a weed killer.

We utilize safe pesticide and fertilizer so your family can get back to enjoying your lawn faster.

Don't let your property's landscape go by the wayside. Make it beautiful and keep it beautiful with Oberdorfer's professional landscape maintenance. Oberndorfer Landscape Development makes sure your property is consistently impressive.

Invasive Plant Control

The borders of your yard may contain these weedy plants that spread quickly and choke out many desirable plants:

  • Garlic Mustard, a 2 to 4 foot high weedy annual can be controlled by spraying or pulling, the caution with this plant, if a plant matures and forms a seed head that seed head has 600 to 800 seeds that will grow upon contact with soil
  • Buckthorn, is a fast growing glossy dark green leaf with dark purple berries. Birds eat the fruit that has a laxative like quality, compounding the spread of this weedy shrub/tree, this plant is removed by cutting it close to the ground and either spraying the stump with weed killer or grinding the stumps
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