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Mequon Lawn Aeration Service

Helping Your Soil Breath for Stronger, Healthier Grass

Lawn aeration is a vital component of landscape maintenance. To give your grass the care it needs, make sure you hire a reputable and qualified landscaping company for lawn aeration services. When Oberndorfer is on the job, we will evaluate the needs of your soil (how compact it is) and the type of grass you have to determine the perfect season for aeration. In most Wisconsin cases, lawn aeration is performed in the fall.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn Aeration Mequon WI

Lawn aeration is a landscaping technique used to breakup compacted soil; allowing water, oxygen, and other nutrients to reach the roots of your grass and promote healthy growth.

Proper aeration yields a number of benefits, including:

  • Stronger roots and thicker turf next growing season
  • Thatch and built-up grass will be broken down
  • Reduced soil compaction and better water absorption
  • Amplified effectiveness of fertilization
  • Easier maintenance
  • Fewer pest and disease problems

Mequon Landscaping Company

Why Your Lawn Should be Aerated

Lawn Aeration Services OzaukeeCompacted soil effects how well your grass can grow. With greater compaction there becomes less space for grass roots to grow, and less air pockets for nutrients to be absorbed. Lawn aeration will assure a thicker, better looking and feeling lawn next spring. If there is a lot of foot traffic or cars regularly parked on your lawn, you may need aeration more than once a year.

How We Will Aerate Your Lawn

Our Mequon landscapers use mechanical plug, or core, aeration machines. Unlike spike aeration – that simply pokes shallow holes in the earth – core aeration penetrates deeper into the ground and pulls out a plug of grass and soil. This allows for the optimal amount of water and air saturation for a healthy, happy lawn.

Contact our Mequon landscapers for more information on our lawn aeration services.
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